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Fine Art

Asami Green
graphic designer/fine artist
Certified Reiki and doTERRA
  AromaTouch Technique Practioner
Masters of Art Therapy candidate
  (expected graduation May 2022)
It was through my own acceptance and healing of my personal traumas that I came to understand the way to let go of old energies that no longer serve the highest spiritual self.
As an advanced Reiki practitioner, I imbue healing with clients through energy transference. Whether there are physical ailments or emotional blocks, I work in tune with you as your guide and facilitator to cleanse, release and restore the core spirit.
We are all mirrors to others of ourselves. We all hold onto a mask of vulnerability and past hurts, learning from those hurts that perhaps we are not good enough.  There is light in all of us which surrounds us all.  Restoring, reviving and rejuvenating your core spirit is my practice. Living and loving in your highest self is my mission.

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