Celestial Departure

Healing Art

A collection of artwork, with an intention to inspire introspection and reflection, through the use of vibrant colors & textures, accented by kinetic motion.


Creative Energy Healing

Muse of Wellness for creative energy healing is available at Gravity Bodywork. A minimum of 24 hr prior to the session for an appointment is necessary. Please contact me to schedule your session.

About Me
Asami Green
Intuitive visual artist/creative energy healer
Reiki Master and Certified doTERRA
  AromaTouch Technique Practitioner
doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate
Bachelors of Arts, Graphic Design
  Sacred Heart University
Masters of Art Therapy and
Counseling candidate

  Albertus Magnus College
  (expected graduation May 2023)
Ordained and fully insured

Artist Statement

My paintings are miniature extensions of my collective being, guiding my audiences to reach an emotional connection with my artwork and my embrace of nature and light. The canvases are filled with an intuitive expression of a present moment of acceptance in which art allows us to connect to our conscious, subconscious, and imagination. I see visual communication as a way to encourage an ethereal connection to the wonder of the universe through the vibrant colors and textures and movement throughout the artwork. The paintings are transformative art with spiritual awareness and representation of personal healing and growth. As life inspires me in multidimensional ways, I let emotions speak on my canvases as I continue on my path seeking truth and beauty.

Creative Energy Healing

As a Reiki Master and certified doTERRAⓇ AromaTouch Technique practitioner, I help my clients achieve optimal wellness in a soothing, inviting safe space. The pathway for the intimate trust of energy exchange is hands-on and provides transformative healing for the mind and body through the use of Reiki aided by doTERRAⓇ AromaTouch Techniques organic oils. Utilizing these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils tailored to your individual needs, we create an environment where restoring, rejuvenating, and renewing the vibrant spirit within you.


My training in Reiki Mastership encompasses the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui and other Grand Masters and Masters over the decades. In addition, I am currently in the process to acquire Masters of Art in Art Therapy and Counseling at the Albertus Magnus College (expected graduation 2023.)


Muse of Wellness for creative energy healing and art for healing is available through Muse of Wellness at Gravity Bodywork.


2021 May, Carriage Barn Arts Center Art Exhibit
- She Is Rising, New Canaan, CT, “Serenity”


2021 April, Las Laguna Art Gallery - Sky’s the Limit ,
Las Laguna, CA, “Ascension”


2021 April, The Reflection Zone - femArt Exhibit, Watertown, CT, “Lovelution”


2020 October, 2020 Pequot Library Art Show, CT, “Lovelution”


2020 July Silvermine Art Center Juried Student Art Show, New Canaan, CT, “Haru” and “Clarity”


2020 May Albertus Magnus College exhibit - The Visible and The Invisible, New Haven, CT, “Lovelution”


2019 to present, Albertus Magnus College East Hartford campus, CT, art on loan, “Ascension”


2019 June, Fairfield Art About Town, Fairfield, CT,
“Divinity”, “Tranquility”, “Haru”, “Mystique”, and “Elements”


2019 November, 58th Annual Antiques & Art Show, Hamden, CT, “Nature”


2018 Albertus Magnus College exhibit - Both/And,
New Haven, CT, “Vortex”


Silvermine Art Center Juried Student Art Exhibit, 2017 “Peony”, 2018 “Tranquility”, 2019 “Desire


2018 September Sacred Heart University Art & Design Alumni Exhibit, “Ascension”, “Celestial Departure”, “Liberation” and “Transformation”


2010-2011 The Watermark at 3030 Park gallery, Sacred Heart Student Exhibit, “Paul”


2010 John Slade Ely House 2010 College Exhibition, New Haven , CT, “Le Dock”


Sacred Heart Student Art Exhibit inductee 2009, 2010, and 2011